8 Factors That Affect Self-Esteem

What Factors Affect Your Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is influenced by a wide range of things in life. All of these things can either help you feel good about yourself or make you feel bad about yourself.

8 Factors That Affect Self-Esteem

1. Childhood

Your early years have had a significant impact on your sense of self-worth. During your formative years as a child, everyone around you has the potential to affect the person you become, including how much you value yourself.

Such children have lower self-esteem and confidence because of their upbringing in a chaotic home environment. For the most part, children who grow up in unstable homes are burdened by their upbringing for the rest of their lives.

2. Society

One of the most significant causes of low self-esteem is the stress of modern society. So many people expect you to live a certain way, dress a certain way, work a particular type of job, and act in a specific manner. If you give in to these pressures, you may suffer from low self-esteem.

3. Media

Many of today’s youth have self-esteem issues because of our culture’s insatiable desire for entertainment via print ads, television, and social media. Social media has a strong influence on young people’s minds because of the pressure they feel from the media and from others to be like their favorite public figures and celebrities. Being a young person is difficult enough, but young people are even more prone to comparison than adults are.

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4. Beliefs

Some religions and other belief systems can help you feel good about yourself by making you feel good. Some religions and belief systems, on the other hand, can help you grow as a person and enrich your life with love and joy. Alternatively, some religions believe humans are inherently flawed and that no matter how good or bad you are, you are still a “sinner.” While no religion, philosophy, or belief system is inherently flawed, it can impact one’s self-esteem from time to time.

5. Friends

Friends have a significant impact on your sense of self-worth. Confidence, self-image, and self-respect can be built or destroyed by your friends. It’s not uncommon for people to intentionally bring each other down to raise themselves to a higher level.

Both the family you were raised in and the family you return to impact your self-esteem. People who feel inadequate when providing for their families may have low self-esteem, whereas families who work together and lift each other have healthy self-esteem.

6. Activities Embedded in Romance

Any relationship can influence self-esteem, but romantic ones tend to have the most significant impact. Being in a loving and fulfilling relationship can help you feel better about yourself. Bad relationships, on the other hand, are debilitating in so many ways. It’s normal to feel low in confidence and self-esteem after having a bad breakup or being dumped.

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7. The Workplace

Your work and school environment significantly impact every aspect of your life, including how you feel about yourself. Low self-esteem is often caused by a demanding and stressful job, while a rewarding and supportive work environment can help you build your confidence.

8. Health

In addition to your physical health, your mental health can influence your self-esteem. It’s possible to improve your overall self-worth by taking good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

There are a slew of things that can have an impact on your sense of worth. Every aspect of your life has the potential to influence your sense of self-worth. However, the person who has the most influence over your sense of worth is you. To improve your self-esteem, practice sending yourself positive messages and steer clear of self-harming behaviors.