Joe Biden ran for president on a platform to “build back better.” That is a UN motto, in case you didn’t know. That’s right, you didn’t realize Joe Biden was running on a cloaked United Nations agenda. They are now in charge of our country.

It’s not difficult to figure out what else they’re doing. This notion alone makes “Build Back Better” a deception.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau; the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; just about every Hollywood mouthpiece; the mass media; and a frightening number of majors, monopolizing corporations utilize the “build back better” phrase.

Justin Trudeau is on camera praising China’s tyranny and expressing his envy for it in front of a group of Canadians. Do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside after reading that?

“Build back better” … Isn’t it a catchy phrase? Yes, it sounds enthusiastic; it sounds determined; it sounds optimistic. But, for the time being, let’s put our thinking caps on. What must you do before you may “rebuild something better”?

Isn’t it true that you have to demolish what’s already there? And how do you persuade a first-world country that it requires the same government as a second- or third-world country?

You don’t, that’s right. Not without first tearing them down and placing them on the same level as those second- and third-world countries. And how do you take down what is (or was) the world’s greatest nation when your military (even in a purposefully reduced position) is no match for theirs and their country is well-armed?

Do you charge in with all the guns blazing, hoping for the best? That would be silly, and these individuals haven’t gotten this far by being stupid. Without a doubt, the pinnacle of evil. Stupid? No, sorry.

America has been painted as fundamentally and irreversibly racist, solely to serve as a wedge between us. Through at least six decades of demoralization through intellectual subversion, the concept of division has pervaded every nook and cranny of our society.

It’s a tried-and-true approach for infiltrating and subverting a country without having to do anything yourself. It was introduced at the most fundamental levels through the compulsory education system and the mass media, both of which were established to change how people think, feel, and act to drive society in the way they determined it needed to go.

The New York Times made their 1619 Project public in August 2019. It was historically rewritten, but it does accurately portray this society as fundamentally and irreversibly racist, with the notion that slavery, although the 1619 Project is flawed with erroneous narratives, was the catalyst for virtually everything that happened afterward.

Leading historians and educators from throughout the country have spoken out against this warped picture of American history, warning of the clear risk it poses.

Take into account: those who came out are not Donald Trump supporters; they DID support his impeachment; they DID NOT remain silent about it; and, like the majority of today’s institutional academics and influencers, they are ardent Democrats. However, the threats they saw were so terrifying that they had no qualms about speaking out against what was going on.

The 1776 Project was then initiated in an attempt to reverse the terrible demoralization that had been perpetrated on our country, but it would be decades before we saw a shift back in the direction of our true origins.

The new president has entirely undone the program in less than two weeks.

The report’s “Challenges to America’s Principles” section includes not only slavery, fascism, and communism, but also “Progressivism,” as well as “Racism and Identity Politics.”

The information provided is insufficient. Progressives have been declared proponents of an ever-growing “shadow government… without checks and balances… unaccountable to the people” as a threat to American freedom.

From the late 1800s to the present day, a phantasmagorical deep state was on par with the Confederate States or the Soviet Union as a threat to American freedom.

With the long-standing and mainstream left-leaning legal ideology of living constitutionalism, as if Thurgood Marshall’s jurisprudential framework were akin to the Nuremberg Laws, it was given the same heinous label as “Aryan racial supremacy” or John Calhoun’s white supremacist rants.

Since the United Nations’ foundation, the United States has been a leader in advocating for global human rights. Because of its acknowledged and much-coveted national sovereignty, it has long held a place on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Eleanor Roosevelt fought for the creation and approval of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948, using our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights as a guide.

The Declaration was a moral commitment to continually try to achieve and maintain the rights enumerated therein, even though it was not a legally enforceable document. Recognizing that each country has its own culture and traditions, the Declaration attempted to respect others’ sovereignty and support the development of their systems of self-government with dignity and deference.

Human rights were to be an honorable cause, in the world of the person; otherwise, their significance would be lost. At the time of its creation, no country came out against the Declaration, and the majority of countries endorsed the moral commitment.

Human rights, on the other hand, have fallen out of favor in recent decades. The UN Human Rights Council is now rife with duplicity, and some of the world’s most heinous human rights abusers now sit on its board. The UNHRC has gone ahead and discreetly substituted the moral commitments that its members agreed to pursue with something called Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The UN has 17 goals on its agenda. If we achieve these goals, they claim, we will save the earth. The earth that is dissolving beneath our feet, and live in a lovely, one-world utopia where everyone is equal and has enough to survive. Survive rather than thrive.

UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals:

1) No Poverty

2) Zero Hunger

3} Good Health and Well-Being

4) Quality Education

5) Gender Equality

6) Clean Water and Sanitation

7) Affordable and Clean Energy

8) Decent Work and Economic Growth

9) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

10) Reduced Inequalities

11) Sustainable Cities and Communities

12) Responsible Consumption and Production

13) Climate Action

14) Life Below Water

15) Life On Land

16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

17) Partnerships For The Goals

Sounds like noble goals, don’t they? Not one of these goals is notable during the current pandemic. To date, it appears that Joe Biden’s only goal is to get everyone vaccinated. Is the sole goal “Build Back Better”?

However, to attain these aims, one must forego the majority of the unalienable rights that both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution FOR the United States of America vowed to uphold. These inalienable rights are replaced with what is being referred to as mandates.

Although these mandates are implemented by a variety of entities, they are all ultimately UN tentacles. Every organization that declares that these mandates must be obeyed has a direct link to the beginning.

Look into organizations like the Lucis Trust on Philosophy and Religion, they are in charge of building a one-world religion now that God has been systematically eradicated from civilization.

We can also look at UNESCO. They are in charge of constructing one world education and more since we have flushed our educational systems down the toilet.

They are involved in every aspect of the Sustainable Development Agenda, particularly Al Gore’s environmental frenzy, which he exploits as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees.

The International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission are all good places to start. I could go on and on about this.

What most Americans don’t realize is that we already have a one-world government, and the UN sits smack in the middle, functioning in a similar capacity to a federal government.

A member state is a country that is a member of the United Nations. Today, those many UN tentacles are strangling us as they tighten around our neatly placed necks.

Former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, established the Commission on Unalienable Rights while in office to lay down where the United States of America stood on all of this deception.

The Commission then produced a report, the first of which was a brilliantly written account of how the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of Rights came to be.

It focused on human rights, including the distinction between unalienable and other types of rights, how they all operate together, how they are exploited for malicious ends, and how they are preserved by individuals who uphold their moral responsibilities to their fellow humans, to name a few topics.

The second section of the report is where we get down to the nuts and bolts. While the entire report is one I beg every single human to read, the second portion is where we get down to the nuts and bolts.

The report’s second section examines the hypocrisy of the members who now sit on the UNHRC panel. It’s asking how they can be taken seriously for even a moment when they are the most severe abuses of human rights around the world.

It examines the discrepancies between the moral need to respect the UDHR’s human rights standards and the approval of their latest agenda at the same time (read Sustainable Development 2030, which is cloaked in the illusion of granting more human rights).

The report details the United States’ efforts to resolve inconsistencies concerning the HRC. Its members, and the standards imposed on other countries, all of which are incompatible with either our moral standards on unalienable rights as a sovereign country or our nation’s moral obligation to the UDHR.

It details our subsequent decision to resign from the HRC in 2018 and disassociate ourselves from the UNHRC’s present, false Sustainable Development agenda.

Lastly, it rejects the notion that the United States can no longer be a front-runner for human rights simply because it does not sit on the hypocritical and deceptive UNHRC.

Instead, it offers our thoughts and ideas on how to continue to be the leading example of unwavering respect for unalienable rights, the most important of which is to set the example by respecting and protecting those very same rights.

In June 2018, the US stated our position unequivocally. We will not participate in a shady ploy to force countries to relinquish their sovereignty. We will continue to defend our country and preserve the foundations on which it was formed, while also honoring our moral commitment to the UDHR.

We would not assist in the elimination of our citizens’ unalienable rights, or any other rights, without first going through the correct democratic process, especially under the bogus pretext of extending rights to others. To make matters worse for the UN, others began to agree with them.

Demoralization through intellectual subversion, which had weakened our nation’s fabric for decades, had not worked out as planned. The US was beginning to dismantle the UN’s agenda.

All of their decades of hard work and dedication had gone down the drain. What was the UN supposed to do? Our country’s war broke out soon after, and we’re still in the center of it now, like Princess Buttercup getting drawn down into the depths of the quicksand pit in the middle of the fire swamp.

Despite this, numerous people remain completely engrossed in the spell they’ve been pounded over the head with and locked behind.

Critical Race Theory’s framing of America as intrinsically and irreversibly racist from its beginning is no theory and as a result, it has pushed our society to give up our sovereignty and enslave ourselves. What they’ve accomplished is nothing short of devilish in its complexity. They have an all-encompassing division on which they rely.

The depths to which this nation went to entirely undermine the foundations of humanity are scary.

The fight for women’s rights has thrown open the floodgates for them. Was this a fortuitous occurrence? Is it possible it was well-taken advantage of? Without a doubt. The first step in gaining access to our vulnerable youngsters was for women to leave home to work. In its most basic form, it resulted in less household stability, parental participation, and family time.

Wages did not rise in lockstep with the cost of living. The number of hours spent away from home and family has increased, as have the number of hours spent in school for children. The government gradually began to replace the parental units as the needs of two working parent’s homes evolved.

Without our knowledge, they penetrated the sanctity of our homes and poisoned our most intimate connections. They were successful in driving a gulf between parents and their children. They’ve pushed the division so far that it’s penetrating our cells and obscuring our identities on a visceral level.

They emasculate our male population, castrate them due to biological uncertainty, and then poison them to kill them, removing our alpha and rendering us defenseless. Furthermore, they destroy the concept of God, instill terror in us so that we are willing to give up every sovereign right we have in exchange for protection and portray those who refuse to do so as greedy.

Predators invert everything, so we don’t know which way is up and which way is down, and they project their horrific behaviors onto others to further warp and twist the perception of those who haven’t yet broken through the complex web of illusions.

Slithering into our obligatory school system at the most fundamental level and manipulating the mass media we accept as gospel, they infiltrate our homes and eat away at the moral fabric that holds our society together.

Is the Prussia model of education that America duplicated part of “build back better”?

They snared an entire generation of children, as well as half of another, to form their army, which they then deployed to destroy their own homes. And that’s just scratching the surface.

What kind of magic is that? We are now in the second and third generations of the product of this psychological warfare, and the results are beginning to show. They’ve built armies out of the exact people they’re attempting to destroy, and now they’re getting to watch them destabilize their own country from within.

They call this Build Back Better, folks…

Are you following me? OUR CHILDREN are being used to form their army. They’ve flipped everything to the point where we’re standing on our heads.

They’re utilizing the atrocities of racism and slavery done upon a set of people to inadvertently confine and enslave people all over the world.

We have been psychologically influenced to the point where our independence and sovereignty, as a people and as a nation, are seen as terrible and disgraceful and must be sacrificed to allow others to enjoy the same liberties. No man has the power to grant or revoke these freedoms.

You’ve seen, and possibly even participated in, the destruction of the world’s last “alleged” independent nation. They are using your emotions to push their agenda, and your existence after they achieve their objectives, we are unimportant. It is, indeed, extremely inconvenient.

When you stop allowing them to steal your prana, the destruction they feed on vanishes. To be honest, they don’t give a damn about you, my dears. Stop trashing your dignity as a human for them and get back to making good again. You’ve forgotten what our purpose is here on earth in the first place. It’s time to rise once more. Now, is the moment to “Return To Basics”.

We could go with “Build Back Better” which entails more of the same but with much greater restrictions, tyranny, and erosion of fundamental rights to hand more riches and power, on a silver platter to the global elite.

Simon says… Masks off. Simon says, Masks on. Simon says, Two Masks. Simon says, Masks off. Simon says, Masks back on. Simon says, vaccinated, take off your masks. Simon says, vaccinated, put on your mask. Take off your Masks… Uh, uhhh… I didn’t say, Simon says.

Nothing else in the world today is more important to Simon, but the Game of Simon Says. Isn’t it obvious? Everything else around him is falling to shit.

Beloved. We don’t need to complicate things with ideologies that never belonged to us. Keep it simple. The same principle that is suitable to a child’s understanding, is practical in our over-standing.

Once we accept “Build Back Better” as plausible and attainable in fostering the betterment of humanity, we become part of the deception.

Steafon Perry

Steafon is a Writer, Author, Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, and Managing Editor.