Persistence is your key to freedom: The first is an issue of quality, whereas the second is a matter of time.

“Blessed is the man who understands that our quietest thoughts are our loveliest.” Blessed is the man who can view the glowing image of LOVE from the deepest depths, and see, sing; and song, say: “Sweeter than stated are the thoughts I have of you.’”

Many people assume that favorable breaks” lead to financial success. There is some merit to the concept, but individuals who rely solely on chance are almost always disappointed because they miss another vital ingredient that must be present before success can be guaranteed. It is the ability to create beneficial “breaks” on-demand with this knowledge.

Just as water gravitates to the ocean, fortunes gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to “attract” them. All of the stimuli required to “attune” any normal mind to the vibrations that will attract the object of one’s wants may be found.

Countless men and women, young and old, allow their family to wreck their lives in the name of DUTY because they are afraid of being judged. (Duty does not obligate someone to give up his or her objectives or the right to live his or her life in his or her way.)

People are hesitant to take risks in business because they are afraid of the negative consequences if they fail. In such circumstances, the fear of being judged is greater than the desire to succeed.

Too many people are afraid of being judged by family and “friends” who may say things such as, “Don’t aim so high, people will think you’re insane.”

Here you will find the true foes who stand in your way of notable achievement. You’ll discover not only the “symptoms” of PERSISTENCE weakness but also the underlying subconscious causes of this weakness.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO, STUDY THE LIST CAREFULLY AND FACE YOURSELF DIRECTLY. These are the flaws that must be overcome by anyone who wishes to amass wealth.

1. Inability to understand and properly describe one’s desires.

2. Procrastination, whether justified or not. (Usually accompanied by a slew of alibis and justifications).

3. A lack of desire to learn particular knowledge.

4. Indecisiveness, or the habit of “passing the buck” rather than confronting challenges head-on. (also supported by alibis).

5. The practice of depending on alibis rather than devising concrete solutions to difficulties.

Self-satisfaction is number six. There is no cure for this ailment, and people who suffer from it have no hope.

7. Indifference is exemplified by a willingness to compromise at all times rather than face and combat opposition.

8. The tendency to blame others for one’s mistakes and to accept unpleasant events as inevitable.

9. WEAKNESS OF DESIRE as a result of a lack of attention to the MOTIVES that drive action.

10. Willingness, if not enthusiasm, to give up at the first indication of failure. (Based on at least one of the six primary fears).

11. A lack of ORGANIZED PLANS that are written down and may be evaluated.

12. The tendency to fail to act on ideas or seize opportunities when they arise.

13. WISHING rather than WILLING.

14. The practice of compromising with POVERTY rather than pursuing wealth. There is a general lack of desire to be, do, and own.

15. Looking for all the shortcuts to riches, attempting to GET without GIVING a fair exchange, as manifested in the practice of gambling and the pursuit of “sharp” bargains.

16. FEAR OF CRITICISM: The inability to make plans and put them into action due to concerns about what others will think, do, or say. This foe should be at the top of the list because it usually lurks in one’s subconscious mind, where it goes unnoticed. (In a later chapter, you’ll learn about the Six Basic Fears).

While you are awake and asleep, your subconscious mind is constantly at work.

It will be of little use to you if you make sporadic or infrequent attempts to follow the regulations. To achieve RESULTS, you must follow all of the guidelines until they become second nature to you. You won’t be able to develop the requisite “money consciousness” any other way.

POVERTY is attracted to those whose minds are receptive to it, just as money is attracted to those whose minds have been intentionally prepared to attract it, and both are attracted by the same rules. POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS WILL SEIZE THE MIND THAT IS NOT OCCUPIED WITH MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS VOLUNTARILY.

Without the purposeful application of poverty-friendly habits, poverty, consciousness arises. Unless one is born with such a consciousness, the money consciousness must be constructed to order.

If you’ve ever had a nightmare, you understand the need for perseverance. You’re half-awake in bed, feeling like you’re about to be suffocated. You are unable to turn over or move a single muscle in your body. You understand you need to start regaining control of your muscles RIGHT NOW. You finally manage to move the fingers of one hand after a sustained exertion of willpower.

You can expand your control to the muscles of one arm by moving your fingers until you can lift it. Then, in the same way, you gain control of the opposite arm.

You finally achieve control of one leg’s muscles, which you then extend to the other. THEN, WITH A SINGLE SUPREME EFFORT OF WILL, you reclaim entire control of your muscular system and “snap” out of your nightmare. The trick has been gradually revealed.

You may need to use a similar process to “snap” out of your mental lethargy, starting gently and gradually increasing your speed until you have complete control over your will. Be PERSISTENT, no matter how slowly you have to advance at first. This is your key to FREEDOM.

Because persistence is a mental state, it can be cultivated. Persistence, like all states of thought, has certain causes, including the following:

PURPOSE DESCRIPTION. Knowing what one desires is the first, and maybe most crucial, a step toward cultivating perseverance. A great motivation forces one to overcome various obstacles.

DESIRE is the second item on the list. Obtaining and maintaining persistence in pursuing the object of high desire is rather simple.

SELF-RELIANCE. Belief in one’s ability to carry out a plan motivates one to persevere in carrying it out. (The principles discussed in the chapter on auto-suggestion can be used to develop self-reliance).

PLANS’ DEFINITIVENESS. Even if they are ineffective and impractical, well-organized plans promote perseverance.

KNOWLEDGE THAT IS ACCURATE. Persistence is aided by understanding that one’s plans are sound, based on experience or observation; persistence is harmed by “guessing” rather than “knowing.”

CO-OPERATION. Persistence is often developed via empathy, understanding, and peaceful interaction with others.

WILL-POWER. Persistence comes from the practice of focusing one’s thoughts on the creation of strategies for achieving a specific goal.

HABIT. Habit is the direct cause of persistence. The mind absorbs and integrates the daily events that it feeds on. Fear, the most dangerous of all foes, can be effectively treated by forcing oneself to repeat acts of bravery. This is something that everyone who has seen active action in war knows.


The habit of PERSISTENCE can be developed in four simple stages. They do not necessitate a high level of intelligence, formal education, or a significant amount of time or effort. The following are the measures to take: —





These four phases are necessary for success and freedom in any endeavor. The entire goal of this philosophy’s thirteen principles is to enable one to take these four steps as a habit.

These are the steps that can be taken to take control of one’s financial future.

They are the steps that lead to intellectual liberation and independence.

They are the steps that lead to wealth, whether in tiny or large amounts.

They pave the road to global power, fame, and acclaim.

They are the four procedures that ensure that advantageous “breaks” occur.

They’re the steps that turn your dreams become a reality.

They lead to mastery of FEAR, DISCOURAGEMENT, and INDIFFERENCE as well.

Everyone who masters these four steps will be rewarded handsomely. It is the honor of being able to write one’s ticket and make Life yield whatever price is demanded.


What magical power endows men of PERSISTENCE with the ability to overcome adversity? Does the attribute of PERSISTENCE activate any kind of spiritual, mental, or chemical activity in one’s mind, allowing access to supernatural forces? Is Infinite Intelligence on the side of the individual who continues to fight after the battle has been lost, although the entire world is on his adversarial side?

Before going on a journey of PERSISTENCE, do an inventory of yourself and see where, if anywhere, you are missing this important attribute. Take a brave look at yourself and discover how many of the eight factors of perseverance you lack. The investigation could lead to revelations that give you a fresh perspective on yourself.

Never dismiss this truth: PERSISTENCE IS YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM.

Steafon Perry

Steafon is a Writer, Author, Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, and Managing Editor.