Identifying, rationalizing, and activating your superhuman abilities is often not as complicated as we make it. Many would argue by design, but this is not the focus of this article. The focus is that your inner powers are more extraordinary than you may think.

It is not uncommon for us to be taken aback by discovering previously unexplored areas of our inner lives as we progress in spirituality and practice systematic self-examination.

There are times when the mists seem to lift or sweep away, leaving one with a fleeting glimpse of the vast reaches of one’s own life, which are as yet unknown, unmeasured, and unexplored.

In such moments, we stand breathless in wonder and awe, gazing with kindling eyes and beating hearts at vast tracts of land they have never seen before. As they look, the mist thickens until everything is once again lost insight. They were left wondering if what they saw was reality or the product of their imagination.

Not seeing the forest because of trees overwhelms the mind, giving us a sense of how vast the universe is and how much is left uncultivated. These mountains, echoed with the sound of many streams, nourish and enrich the few reclaimed and cultivated areas of the soul’s life.

Now we begin to realize that the source of our power is hidden deep within our inner being, whose existence was never contemplated. We’ve revealed ourselves in an instant. When we have a glimmer in our eyes again, there is no sign that we possess such reaches and such heights in life.

Familiar places encroach on us, the ordinary routine of life settles, limiting and confining us on all sides. The same unbroken line measures his horizon, such as we have always known it.

The same round of interests and occupations crowd in on the hours and fill them. The pressure from the hard facts of life on us is as unmistakable and level as ever, bidding us to forget our dreams and comply with the requirements.

Yet, the person who has only had a fleeting glimpse of that vast, unknown inner life will never be the same again.

They will either be better or worse, trying to explore, possess, and cultivate that strange world within themselves or trying to forget it.

Because of what we have seen, we feel like he has more capacity for good or evil than we ever imagined. We have seen another life stretching out far beyond the reach of his routine life, and it’s a life we were clueless of its possibility.

Meaning that we were startled into realizing that his life was much bigger than he had ever imagined it to be, and he was filled with awe at the realization.

Have you ever had an epiphany like this? In an instant, you realized the endless possibilities that lay before you — time seemed to stand still, your heart raced, and your throat tightened. Then your phone rang, a familiar voice cut in, and your desire for a Twinkie became apparent.

The curtain is drawn back to reveal your expansive view of possibility; your window of opportunity was shut. And your daily routine continued, keeping you too busy to ask yourself, what was the point?

I, therefore, propose that we cease to turn away from those moments and ignore what we know about ourselves and our potential as humans are faithful.

Instead, we could focus on becoming something even more exemplifying of ourselves than what we currently are, something like a superhero. We have not reached our potential.

Becoming Superhuman: What It Means

Developing the abilities of a superhuman being sounds intriguing. It’s not clear what this phrase means. Think of comic books and science fiction as the most likely places we will find this concept.

Everyone seems to understand what it means to be human, don’t they? That’s a piece of cake. However, although the word “super” is frequently used, you probably haven’t thought much about its actual meaning.

The following is what its entry in “The Latin Language: A Historical Outline of Its Sounds, Inflections” and Syntax has to say about this:

The preposition super comes from the Latin adverb and adverbial root *uper” “over,” which means “above.”

In other words, if super means going above and beyond, then to be superhuman is to lead a life that is superior to the average man and woman. A member of the human elite who will not settle for anything less than their best.

Superheroes exist in every single one of us.

Batman has always been arguably the most interesting superhero out of all the ones depicted in popular culture. On the other hand, Batman is an average person who discovered his superhuman abilities on his own, unlike many other superheroes who were born with them.

He was well-versed in science, had a physically fit body, and had honed his reasoning and deduction skills with the aid of technology. He worked his way up to superhuman status by gradually adding to his already impressive set of abilities.

Although such a transformation may appear to be a far-fetched fantasy, it is not. Even though none of us will ever be as powerful as Batman, we can all strive to become men with abilities far beyond those of the average Joe. Do you think I’m lying to you? Consider the work of Harry Houdini.

Using discipline and hustle, Houdini taught himself how to break free from any restraint in the world, including handcuffs, chests, prisons, straitjackets, and safes.

He also held his breath for nearly four minutes, flew one of the first planes ever built, endured subzero temperatures, untied knots with his toes, and charmed ordinary people and dignitaries alike. He was relentless in his pursuit of becoming superhuman, and he succeeded.

To achieve superhuman status, one must strive to improve in all areas of one’s life, including physical, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being.

The average person sits around doing nothing while the superhumans work hard to stay in top physical shape.

After college, the average man rarely opens a book; the superhuman man is committed to lifelong learning, constantly feeding his mind with books, magazines, and newspapers and studying a wide range of topics.

Unlike the average person, who occasionally gets caught cheating or faking, the superhuman man keeps his word and lives his life with integrity.

The superhuman seeks out a deeper meaning in life than the average person by meditating or praying.

How to Begin the Journey Towards Superhumanity

In other words, we should aim to be superhuman in all aspects of our lives, but this seems like a challenging task. The vista of our potential is beautiful and enticing. Still, it can also be overwhelming and paralyzing, which is why many of us ignore moments like the one described in the introduction.

The vast expanse of open space extends upward and outward. We ponder, “How will I ever be able to explore all of this territory?”. We’d rather stay put because getting started seems too difficult.

The most important thing is to start. Think twice before attempting to deal with every aspect of your life at the same time.

Pick one mountain to conquer, and once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be more assertive and have a fresh perspective on the world, making you more open to exploring new places.

How do you decide which peak to climb first?

When it comes down to it, you already know which one to choose.

Are you still stumped as to which peak I’m referring to? This has happened to you before, right?

I know this is because it occurred to me. When I encounter someone who exudes incredible levels of some virtue or strength, I awaken a long-buried desire to emulate them. “I, too, could live a life like that!” a part of me exclaims as I take in their aura.

Your stomach drops, and you get a little down afterwards. What’s wrong with me if that’s the case? What’s the point of living if I’m wasting my time?

There are two ways to deal with this sinking feeling. You can either keep kicking yourself and feeling sorry for yourself until the demands of daily life dull that prick in your heart, and you forget about your desire, letting it grow dormant until the next time you meet someone who rekindles your passion for it.

Or, you can use that string as motivation to take even the most minor step toward realizing your dream.

If you’ve had such an experience, you know exactly where to focus your efforts to become superhuman. As one with the DNA of God, this is your highest mountain peak; it’s where you begin your journey of self-improvement because it’s your unique center and calling.

As one with the DNA of God, this is your foundation: once you’ve built your life exactly how you want it, you’ll have the power and confidence to take on the rest of your journey toward becoming superhuman.

Few people, in my opinion, have never been taken aback by the revelations about themselves that other people have given them. No, I’m not referring to the verdicts rendered on them by others.

I’m referring to the jolt of clarity that can sometimes be seen through a thick fog of delusion or misperception about oneself simply because another person is present.

I doubt many of us would hesitate to say to someone, “You have been the sunshine in my life.” “I have seen the light in your light.”

That must be the case. To be in the presence of someone whose life is an unspeakable indictment of the innermost tone and temper of your own life is to feel at once what you should be. What you could be, and what you have failed to be. We are transporting through a momentary experience.

In the presence of someone who brilliantly reflects the virtues you fall short — your characteristic failings are hidden from your own eyes — you see and judge yourself.

If someone had told you what you now see, you would not have believed it, and you would have protested with honest indignation that the criticism was most unfair.

So much for personal life’s mysterious power. You see your incompleteness in his completeness and your failure in his success.

The living image of what you might have once been piercing through everything lying above weighs on the soul. It calls forth a faint reflection in the mirror. You’ll see your true self.

In contemplating your past selves, you discover who you are. — Awareness and control of oneself