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Humanity is Alive and Well and Picking You Up Along the Way

No. It’s not over for your country. We haven’t lost the world. Humanity is not doomed, and we will not be doomed.

Our countries are undergoing a purification process. The world is finally waking up to centuries of lies and learning the truth. It’s time for humanity to rise up and fight back against evil.

All those who proclaim our world to be doomed must hear my resounding NO! to their dire predictions. So-called “freedom fighters” are often just mouthpieces for the dark forces, proclaiming and predicting their plans to succeed at every opportunity. That’s ridiculous, and I say:

There is a bright future ahead of us all. Spectacular hope for humanity, uplifting, and inspiring hope.

More and more people are suffering from serious health issues today because of their exposure to ever more toxic vaccines over the past century. What was supposed to rid the world of disease actually led to a devastating increase in a wide range of illnesses, both physical and mental.

After a series of injections, mankind became sicker and sicker than any other generation in human history. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to find a truly healthy person. Thanks to Vaccines!

All over the world, people are now hearing about this. Now that the pharmaceutical industry is being exposed for the criminal cartel that it truly is — a business dedicated to enriching the wealthy at the expense of the rest of humanity — the dangers it poses to the world’s population are becoming clear.

Painkillers, which are used by nearly every human on the planet, are designed to harm the heart, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs.

The fact that most medicines do far more harm than good to the human body is not an unavoidable evil. Pharmacists aren’t that naive as to believe that they can’t create safe medications.

People around the world are waking up to the criminal intent of those who claim to be “helping” us. Covid is a disease that has been suppressed and even outlawed by these criminal companies, but they claim to have invented pills that can help prevent and cure the disease. Yeah, you’re right. Mourn the deaths of tens of millions of people before claiming to care about others’ lives.

It’s finished.

The end of their reign is near.

Humanity is helping others we help ourselves

There are hundreds of millions of people who have been lied to, poisoned, murdered, and robbed in every possible way, and soon billions.

As never before, the perpetrators are being brought to light. Political, military, and educational masks are coming off.

Those with corrupt hearts, of course, continue to follow the madmen who plan the most insane plans for humanity. To get a few extra zeros in their bank account, they’ll do anything.

However, their time is running out.

They’ve already buried themselves.

They think they can get away with something as blatantly obvious as this criminal PlanDemic… Silencing thousands of doctors and scientists is backfiring massively on the government. Everyone who hears about this censorship for the first time is forced to confront their prejudices and prejudices of others.

Because of their desperation, they smashed all boundaries of common sense to win the 2020 presidential elections in a variety of ways.

Decisions made in a state of panic are ill-advised.

People who think they can outsmart the intelligent and sincere people of the world are doomed to fail, as evidence piles up against them.

Humanity has a future.

Because of what the media tells you, it may appear that the wicked are succeeding. News outlets focus on just a few hundred demonstrators when there are tens of thousands. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the media to keep up with the growing number of real scientists who are delivering accurate information to an ever-growing number of people around the world.

Even the narcissists and oblivious ones who forgot to think to follow the storyline. However, even among those who have been brainwashed by the media’s deceit, an increasing number are beginning to open their eyes and see the truth.

The world is about to experience a renaissance.

The Great Reset is being replaced by a greater reset.

The current system, on the other hand, is breaking down and causing pain and heartache. For the vast majority to live, many must perish. Even though the price is high, there is still hope.

With each new case of vaccine-induced illness, the vaccine industry’s false claims about its ability to protect the public are exposed, paving the way for a future where vaccines are no longer regarded as a threat to public health.

Toxic injections will no longer be a source of fear for the entire human race.

The veil has begun to fall.

Behind the scenes, humanity can see the horrors.

Those who proclaim the triumph of evil, even if they claim to serve the greater good, should be ignored.

It is time for those who have been proclaiming the triumph of evil to turn around and proclaim the goodness of the One who is greater than all evil.

Develop the ability to speak with a message of healing and hope.

Words can move people.

Words are powerful.

This world was built by words.

Words have the power to build or tear down.

Create an atmosphere of hope, healing, and freedom with your words.

Why? Because this is our goal, a light breakthrough in our world.

Only to judge and expel the darkness is it allowed to be revealed.

It’s time to cling to both optimism and determination.

There’s Hope for Humanity in the Midst of COVID

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